The SkirtMaster Pro Fishing System allows Fisherman the ability to
quickly mix and match colors to any bait in the area !

How To Use The SkirtMaster Pro Tool

SkirtMaster Pro Moulded Skirts
1.  Wet tip of tool and push on skirt.
2.  Spread Skirt and install on lure of choice.

SkirtMaster Pro Collared Skirts
1.  Place collar adapter on tip of tool.
2.  Turn tip of tool vertical; carefully start skirt on the tool so the skirting falls away evenly and roll skirt collar onto collar adapter.
3.  Spread skirt and insert lure, let the tool close and roll the collar onto the lure.

SkirtMaster Pro Collar Adapters
1.  Install collar adapter on front of plastic worm or grub and insert the hook. This will hold the hook in place. No more fighting slipped baits which will greatly increase your fishing time during tournaments. ( Dye your collars any color with any worm dye. )


The SkirtMaster Pro Kit Includes

SkirtMaster Pro Tool
Six Tournament Skirts
Assortment of Adapter Collars
Helpful Instructions

Outsmart fish like never before...
and clobber those lunkers - we mean it !!


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