Catch more bass, walleye and other tournament fish with SkirtMaster Pro, the skirt making tool. Adapt all your spinner baits, buzz baits, crank baits, lures, worms and grubs to match the hatch with this quick, easy to use skirt tool.


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SkirtMaster Pro, the versatile tool for every fisherman! It provides many innovative solutions for making baits in the field. For the first time, the fisherman is able to place a skirt of his choice on his plastic bait. 

  The SkirtMaster Pro Fishing System allows the fisherman to mix and match his own colors to "match the hatch" from crawdads to baitfish, or to any bait in the area. Also available from SkirtMaster Pro is a 7/16" collar for the front of a plastic grub or worm to hold it in place on the hook. This increases the fishing time in tournaments dramatically, while saving money on torn baits.

  Saltwater fishermen make reef shrimp to match the local shrimp. Basser's match local bait fish and crawdads and some even put skirts on crank bait to make them swim like real fish.

  The value and versatility of the SkirtMaster Pro Fishing System is limited only by the imagination and skill of the fisherman.

Now you can "Match The Hatch" of your favorite bait...
Fresh or Salt Water.

The SkirtMaster Pro kit comes packaged with  tournament skirts,
worm collar adapters, SkirtMaster Pro tool and instructions.

Fish "tremble" at the mere mention of this tool !!


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